was founded as the local, retail furniture industry began to nose-dive several years ago. All of the smaller shops and medium sized stores went out of business around us. We no longer could find unique, quality items for our own home. We ended up trying to shop at the big conglomerate outlets and we were disgusted with clipboard deal chasers who only wanted to know “if we saw the sale ad in the paper.” We were looking for something for a corner of our living room that was begging for attention. So, the price was sort of a secondary issue. But we couldn’t convey that to the “sales reps” in any store. We tried to explain in frustrating vein!

Thinking we should try the only super-high end store remaining in this area, we pulled up in our new Chevy Avalanche with our black lab “smiling” out the window. We went in and you would have thought we were Hillbillies on Rodeo Drive! Most items were in a catalog. The place was small with a limited selection of ornate furnishings that would have to be ordered with a 6-8 week window with no option for expedited delivery. This type of “service after awhile” was, basically, at full list price and very expensive furniture, I might add. In desperation and with great hesitation, we stopped in to look at the selection at the JC Penny Home Store. We couldn’t get out of there fast enough. We talked to several friends and found they had similar experiences.

On the way home, my wife noted that we had been successful with another online business. So, why couldn’t we offer furniture on a new web site. We were already selling Grandfather Clocks at our existing web site and the Howard Miller Clock Company was expanding into furniture, specifically Curio Cabinets at the time. Our son and Vice President, Tony loved the idea. And he immediately started spewing website names. I kid you not. Within 10 minutes, was founded!

As you can see, we’ve gone a bit past offering Curios! Now, we’ve become a whole home site with wonderful offerings of bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen and family room furniture. From elegant to casual, our lines are rapidly expanding to present more options to you with every passing day.

For non-freight items, generally those under 75lbs, we offer UPS or FedEx as the services for Free Shipping. These items will be delivered to your door but not into your home (unless you’re friends with the UPS or FedEx driver!) If the item is over $249.99, a signature will be required.

For most oversize freight items with glasswe only offer a minimum Gold level service for all deliveries which includes delivery inside your home or business, to your room of choice, up one flight of stairs (unlimited floors with service elevators), unpack, light set up under 15 minutes and debris removal. This is our minimum service level for all freight with glass unless we have granted a specific exemption which we are loathe to do. For most Amini, Yuan Tai, & Pulaski items, only Platinum services apply. Currently, and we hope indefinitely, we are the only store that includes Free Guaranteed Express 7-10 Day In Home Delivery w/Setup and Debris Removal for ALL HOWARD MILLER & RIDGEWAY oversized Floor Clocks and Furniture!

In some cases where glass is not involved like chairs, stools, wood tables, chests, kitchen islands and All Powell, delivery is Threshold, to first covered area like garage or porch unless otherwise ordered and confirmed in writing on your order. If your order says “Delivered to Your Door” or “Threshold Delivery” and you want to upgrade to Gold, the pull-down menu will give you a quotation for the upgrade. If you are receiving a heavy item and do not have Gold service, be sure you have assistance from friends or family members at the time of delivery. (In some cases, Gold is not possible and we will advise you if this is the case. At present, a Gold option is not available for Butler, Art as Antiques, or American Heritage, even though the pull-down menu will show that option. This is a deficiency of our software.)

SPECIAL NOTATION & WARNING: Any service level less than Gold like Curbside, Back of Truck (you have to unload), 1st Covered Area or Threshold (garage or porch) means you’ll be carrying it in. Be sure you have extra people to help you.

If you have questions about delivery, just call us. We answer our phones 9a-6p, Mon-Fri on the West Coast. We’ll thoroughly explain each specific shipping method that applies to your potential purchase.

Our industry revered public ratings of customer satisfaction are second to none with over 99% positive over 5 years in all venues like,, and others. We are recognized as a quality and trustworthy international purveyor in PayPal’s “World Seller” program.

Your complete satisfaction is our goal and our purpose. We try harder than any other retailer to understand and fulfill your every need to your satisfaction. From pre-sales advice and counsel to prompt and courteous customer service to after sale support, our company is second to absolutely none.

We look forward to serving you now and in all the years to come.


Joe Amadeo